How to Select Folding Arm Awnings

1. Choose a Headbox style:

Selecting your ideal headbox depends on weather exposure and preferred style. Your three choices are:

Full Cassette – closed headbox

full cassette - closed headbox

  • For exposed, high weather areas where you need full fabric protection to aid longevity of your awning
  • Traditional, classic appeal
  • Minimalistic, for a sleek look
  • Less maintenance


Semi Cassette – open headbox

semi cassette - open headbox

  • Best for partially protected areas such as under eaves or verandah
  • To increase airflow and minimise heat build-up
  • Contemporary, elegant style
  • Flexible shading with variable pitch options, oversquare and ‘Vario Volant’ screen add-ons


Open Roll – no headbox

Open Roll - no headbox

  • For well-protected areas such as under lower floor eaves or upper floor balconies and verandahs
  • Flexible variable pitch options
  • Modern, industrial look
  • Smart, economical choice


2. Operation Options

Choose your preferred method between:

Motorised Operation

motorised option

Manual Winder with gear box

manual winder with gearbox

3. Add Accessories

Add accessories to benefit your ideal lifestyle:

Weather Sensors

  • weather sensorsSun and Rain sensors can auto-extend or retract awning
  • Wind sensor auto-retracts awnings in high winds


Variable Pitch

  • Self-adjustable to 55° on some Open Roll and Semi Cassette modelsvariable pitch
  • Or present from 6° to 45° by installer on Open Roll, Toga Semi Cassette and Full Cassette



‘Vario Volant’ drop down screen

vario volant drop down screen

  • Ideal for west facing areas and to give extra privacy
  • Only available with Semi Cassette models





  • Perfect for commercial sites
  • Available on all models

4. Select a Fabric

Assess your fabric choice depending on climate exposure and how you use the area where your awning will be installed. (You can choose from hundreds of colours).

colour chartMesh: PVC coated polyester. UV block up to 80-90%. Mildew and rot resistant. Choose mesh if you want to retain a view, or let some light through to you outdoor zone.

Canvas: 480gsm, 100% UV ray resistant choice for total sun block out. Mildew and fungus resistant natural fabric offers protection from a variety of weather elements.

Acrylic: 300gsm, 100% dope-dyed, water resishade for lifestant, mildew and rot treated. 90-100% UV resistant. A low maintenance, easy to clean, weather proofing choice, (especially for by sea-side installations)

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