Retractable Roof System’s FAQ

What is the difference between a retractable pergola system and a retractable roof system?

There is absolutely no difference at all, they are the same thing. We like to use retractable pergola because they are easily better and cleverer than a roof, (which implies an old thinking permanent structure). The only difference is in quality between suppliers. Shade for Life is Australia’s leader in retractable systems and can offer you top-end retractable systems at Victoria’s most attractive prices.

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Will a retractable pergola give me more control over how I use an outdoor space?

Yes, it will! – See yourself relaxing, enjoying your family, and entertaining friends in any season. With a Shade for Life retractable pergola, the climate advantage is yours … You can adjust the amount of cover to suit the day. Choose full-shade in summer, half-shade in autumn, rain protection in winter, full sun in spring. Our smooth and quick, jam-free remote control system will place the power in your hands.

Can I afford a quality retractable system?

Yes, you can – We will recommend a quality retractable pergola system to meet a modest everyday budget, or we can customise a high-end architectural design. No matter what your needs, Shade for Life will give you an appealing outdoor room experience that will be the envy of your neighbourhood. You will add value to the resale price of your property and create an area to create priceless memories.

Plus our interest-free terms make it easy for you to afford a quality system today. Instead of being tempted by a cheaper system, (that will not withstand the harsh Australian climate), you can invest in quality for life today. As every installation is unique, we need to see your potential area before we can advise on which system will meet your needs. Ask for an on-site inspection and quote today.

How will a Shade for Life retractable pergola system be just like a roof, but better?

Shade for Life has superior experience and know-how to keep you covered!

  • Each system is custom made with expert care to suit the needs of your space
  • We use products innovated to withstand Australian weather conditions
  • Easily adaptable to residential, hospitality and commercial needs
  • Quality installation and manufacturers guarantee
  • As Australia’s Market Leaders, we are ahead of the rest in attention to detail, service, price and quality

Where is the best place to install a retractable pergola?

There is a model that will create or complement almost all outdoor areas.

  • Cleverly maximise the use of your pool area, yard or patio
  • Create an attractive entertainment area for courtyards, decks and balconies
  • Perfect for hospitality and commercial business

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How can I create a distinctive look for my retractable system?

You can easily add your own unique touches to your system. Options include…

  • Add integrated LED lighting with dimmer control to reflect your mood or occasion
  • Timber clad your support frame to work seamlessly with your existing pergola, or to create a stunning outdoor area
  • Install vertical blinds and heating to create a versatile room to use any time of year
  • Choose from a wide range of aluminium and fabric colours
  • We offer an interior design service to advise on colours, furniture and decor to create the outdoor area of your dreams

Why choose a Retractable Pergola System instead of Folding Arm Awnings or Louvre Opening Roof System?

The main advantage of a retractable pergola is the ability to use the system all year around, in any weather. Our folding arm awning range is strong and reliable in most weather, but they do need to be put away in extreme wind and rain.

A retractable pergola system offers all the advantages of a louvre system for an attractive price point. The added ability to fully retract our pergola systems gives you more control over how you use your space. When it is raining, the larger panels of a retractable system allow for effective water run off with minimal noise, compared to the sound of water running across thinner louvres.

There are some situations where a retractable pergola will not be the best overhead solution for your outdoor space. You can trust us to tell you straight, and save you money. Instead, we will recommend an alternative such as a folding arm awning or skylight blind.

The best decision is to book an on-site inspection and discover your options.